Production Enhancement

We can offer production enhancement through the use of cross linked polymers, tracer technology, near wellbore simulation and microbial water treatment.

Services provided include:

  • Production Well Profile Control
  • Injection Well Conformance Treatment
  • Casing Leak Repair
  • We can provide technology consulting expertise in the following areas:

  • Field Development and rehabilitation
  • Reservoir simulation and management
  • Geology, petro physics and geophysics
  • Geological model development and reservoir characterization
  • Reserve estimates and equity determination
  • Drilling/Production technology
  • Improved oil recovery (IOR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies
  • Economic evaluation and optimization
  • oil and gas television interview

    Rig Repairs and Upgradation

    oil and gas print media

    Construction and Project Management

    Global Sourcing

    Experienced procurement teams, with category-specific domain expertise, source a variety of material. This includes structural bulk, piping, static equipment, rotary equipment (pumps and compressors), packaged items (gas dehydration units and chemical injection skids) and electrical and instrumentation items.

    Engg Procurement and Construction and Revamping

    1. Shut Down Maintenance
    2. Boiler / Flare – Burners revamp and parts supply
    3. Heat Exchangers – PMS/Revamp / in-situ repairs
    4. Pipeline replacements/valves replacements/corrosion control
    5. NDT/Intelligence pigging /Asset health monitoring
    6. Pipeline laying /hot tapping /protective coating /field repairs
    7. SBM operations/PMS/Class renewals /part supply
    8. Pressure vessels repair, fabrication, maintenance
    9. Tank Farms, control systems, MEP, cleaning, maintenance
    10. Abnormal load Engineering/dismantling/erection /commissioning
    11. Bio Nano oil-crude oil viscosity reducer – environmental friendly product
    12. Civil Constructions
    13. Process skids, Helicopter Refuelling systems ,tanks etc
    14. Pressure Vessels, Water makers , Fire water Pumps
    15. Marine Growth Protection systems
    16. Corrosion protection System
    17. Fire protection System (PFP)
    18. Float-over Mating System
    19. FPSO/FLNG - Elastomeric Bearing Systems
    20. Jacket - Leg Can System
    21. Jacket - Boat Landing System
    22. Wellhead control panel
    23. Flooding blasting systems
    24. Portable Hydropore Unit

    Drilling Rigs ,Equipment ,Spares and Services

    1) Onshore Rigs and offshore rigs – charter Hire and sale
    2) Drilling equipment and operating spares
    3) Maintenance Repair and Operating Supplies (MRO)
    4) Integrated procurement services

    1) Mud Logging and Cementing services
    2) Hydro fracturing Services
    3) Coil tubing and Nitrogen services

    oil and gas trade publication

    Drilling Equipment Inspection and all associated services

    oil and gas media training

    1.Scaffolding/Rope access /working at height
    2. Material handling equipment/services/maintenance
    3. Third Party inspection /audit services (see below for details)
    4. Manpower – supply/skill development

    Inspection Services

    provider of Inspection Services including: Lifting Gear Inspections, Dropped Object Surveys, Derrick Inspections, Critical Load Path Surveys, Crane Inspections, EX Survey and NDT services.


  • Dropped Object Surveys
  • Derrick Inspections
  • Load Testing
  • Specialist NDT Services
  • Special Periodic Class Surveys
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  • Mechanical Survey & Repair
  • EX Hazardous Area Surveys
  • Crane Inspection and Testing Services

  • Crane Repairs and Spare Parts
  • Offshore & Onshore Equipment Surveys
  • Crane Rope Replacement
  • Rope Integrity Management
  • Equipment Rentals & Supplies
  • LOLER Inspections & Written Schemes
  • Complete rig full condition survey

    Are you about to commence a drilling operation or are you planning on contracting a drilling rig? Our full condition survey can give you an accurate insight into the state of maintenance and the working conditions of the equipment and systems on any drilling unit, which cover the following systems

  • Drilling System
  • Mud System
  • Well Control
  • Marine Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Safety Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance Systems
  • Spare Parts
  • Dropped-objects survey
  • In addition to a complete rig condition survey or as a stand-alone service, ALBA can help you increase the safety and reliability of your rig. By identifying objects that are at risk of falling from the derrick or other raised structures, such as bolts or lifting points that are incorrectly added to structural members.

    Compliance survey

    Does the drilling rig comply with your company's safety and operations standards? Does it comply with local and international standards? We can carry out a compliance survey to verify that a drilling unit is fully compliant with relevant and International standards.

    Pre-Buyout Survey

    Are you actively looking to purchase a “used drilling rig” for your fleet or to commence a new drilling program? ALBA will carry out a detailed survey of the desired asset and provide clear information as to the actual condition of the asset and its previous maintenance, where by a realistic cost of the asset can be determined as it stands and what the potential cost will be to have the asset returned or meet International Standards before committing to a tender or bid.

    Selection survey

    Are you seeking a rig for your new drilling campaign but not purchase the rig? ALBA can assist you with visual selection surveys which provide you with a snap-shot of the condition of your shortlisted rigs, while giving you advice on the best option, based on your requirements.

    Acceptance Testing & Commissioning survey

    Are you purchasing or contracting a new-build/refurbished drilling rig and is this rig fit for purpose? Does it comply with the required standards and/or your contractual agreements? ALBA can help you verify contract compliance by conducting an Acceptance Survey. The acceptance survey is conducted by using a proven Acceptance Guidelines Program, which includes testing all equipment and systems to verify their condition and performance in relation to the proposed drilling contract.
    In addition; we offer a full Site Team to oversee and witness the final acceptance of any new rig builds, in the rig manufacturer’s yard, to provide clear documentation and traceability of the EC/MC/PC build quality and final testing, commissioning and acceptance to full OEM and Industry Standards, which cover the following systems –

  • Drilling System
  • Mud System
  • Well Control
  • Marine Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Safety Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance Systems
  • Spare Parts

  • Rotating equipment Survey And Surveys