Frequently asked questions

Is Rudra an oil company? What does Rudra do?

Rudra isn't an oil company, but we do work very closely with oil companies. Rudra is an energy services company. Oil companies contract our services, our people and our technologies to help them produce and maintain their oil and gas wells. When hydrocarbons are located, we drill to determine if oil and gas can be produced. If a well is determined to be viable, then we begin production. Throughout the life of the field, we ensure that our customers get optimal production rates. All of the services we provide help our customers meet the world's demand for energy.

What we do:

To get a better idea of what we do and how we fit into the industry, imagine that the oil company wants a house built, not an oil well drilled. In that case, it would hire various contractors to perform different aspects of the job - someone to handle the plumbing, someone to do the painting, someone to lay the bricks, and so on.

In the real world, because the oil companies are trying to develop oil reservoirs, they hire energy services companies to help them:
Locate oil and gas assets
Evaluate their assets
Drill wells
Produce the oil from the wells
Make sure the wells produce as much oil as possible. Because Rudra is such a large and diverse organization, we perform all of these jobs. We have different groups - called product service lines - that handle each task.

I am interested in a job with Rudra. What should I do?

In order to gain full functionality of our online application system, you will need to visit our website at While there, you will have the opportunity to search and apply to internships, and global positions that span a variety of regions, product service lines, and functional areas. You can also enter all of your resume information in a candidate profile where our recruiters can match your skills to our job opportunities. Be sure to release your profile allowing our recruiters to find you.

Please understand that we cannot process a resume from an email or consider you for any positions unless you apply through the online system.

Additionally, you can also view videos of our current employees sharing their own personal Rudra career stories. To search for a career please visit

You can also search our Rudra Facebook Page for our upcoming Global Career Fairs and Events.

How do I apply for a particular job?

Review the available job opportunities on and submit your online application. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a recruiter.

Does Rudra sponsor and/or hire internationals? If so, what are your residency requirements?

We do recruit globally, and we regularly look for candidates who wish to pursue opportunities in their home country or any country in which they are legally authorized to work. We currently have a number of positions available in many of our international locations, including Russia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Algeria and Iraq, to name a few. View our Current Job Openings to learn more about open positions.

How do I find out the responsibilities for the position I'm interested in pursuing?

We've tried to provide as much information as possible on our job description sheet, but you can also visit to get more information.

Does Rudra offer internships?

Rudra does have an internship and it is very important to us because it helps us develop a "reservoir" of pre-graduation candidates who possess the potential to support our business needs. We've tried to develop the program in such a way that it gives you a chance to work on meaningful projects, expand your technical business and leadership skills, and, most of all, gain the practical skills and experience that can help you succeed in your field and perhaps eventually help you become a full-time member of the Rudra team.

We offer internships in a number of different areas of the Company, including finance and accounting, engineering, Media, Entertainment and information technology (IT). Most of the internships take place during the summer.

I am having problems logging into using my username or password. Who can I contact to resolve these issues? For technical issues please contact

How do I update my information in

To update your resume or any document attached in, please select the document by clicking on the left gray square and begin to construct your changes.

I think I received a fraudulent employment offer. How do I know and what should I do?

Rudra only handles employment offers and other related matters through its global Web site, and through contact with our recruiters, who have e-mail addresses ending with "". Any communication that comes from a different e-mail address is most likely false and did not originate from Rudra. Rudra also does not require any prospective employee to pay any application or filing fee to any private party or agency to process or review employment offers. If you have been requested to pay or have actually paid any application or filing fee in connection with this fraudulent employment offer, we would appreciate any information you may have concerning the location, identity, or e-mail address of the payment recipient. If possible, please send a copy of the original fraudulent e-mail as an attachment so Rudra can attempt to research its origin. Rudra will use this information to help remove such fraudulent websites, where possible. However, because Rudra has no connection to the unauthorized website or fraudulent offer, Rudra cannot retrieve any information or any money you may have provided in connection with such fraudulent offer. You may also forward the message to . If you have sent money to the impersonator, you will need to contact your local law enforcement authorities and file a report with them in an attempt to retrieve your funds.

I have questions regarding criminal background checks and/or drug screenings.

Please be advised that Rudra does conduct extensive criminal background checks prior to the start of employment. We also require a mandatory drug screening as part of the selection process.

Is relocation required? Where will I work?

For support professionals who are working in our offices rather than in the field, relocation may not necessarily be a requirement, but a willingness to relocate can advance your career much faster. A willingness to relocate during the initial years is essential. Work locations vary according to the needs of our customers, which means that you can work in different locations and environments as frequently as every two years. We currently have opportunities for entry-level field engineers in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

What type of training will I receive?

The amount of training you receive will vary based on your job. Our field engineers, for example, receive comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training and are mentored by highly experienced engineers early in their careers. But how long it lasts and exactly when it takes place depends on the product service line you're assigned to. Generally speaking, training for field engineers can last anywhere from six months to one year. For people working in one of our support organizations, training, again, varies according to the position, but will, in most cases, take place on the job.

Other Entry-Level Training Programs

Accounting offers an Accounting Rotation Program that enables select new hires to spend their first eight weeks rotating through four or five Accounting functions. This rotation enables participants to gain a better understanding of the various departments and to learn how each functions within the Company, and to gain exposure to some of the numerous opportunities available within the Finance organization.
Supply Chain offers very select new graduates an opportunity to participate in the Supply Chain Management Program (SCMP). This innovative 2 - year program gives participants the opportunity to rotate through five six-month assignments in different Supply Chain functional groups across the globe. The SCMP candidates are given high-value, high-impact projects to provide them with broad exposure to Supply Chain Industry. This program puts graduates on the fast track to leadership roles within Rudra and international assignment opportunities.
Business Development offers select new hires the opportunity to participate in the Field Associate Program. This program provides a broad operational view of Rudra's product service line offerings, and it has the specific goal of providing the trainee with a working knowledge of the processes, basic job procedures, operational factors, personnel functions and customer response at the point of delivery. Once the 18-month to 24-month rotational program is completed, trainees have the opportunity to advance into positions within our Sales and Operations departments.

Ongoing Learning and Development Opportunities Throughout your tenure with Rudra, we will supplement that training with ongoing learning and development opportunities. You'll have access to numerous tools and resources to help you multiply and expand your competencies and to develop your career, including:

I Learn - an online training management system that offers more than 3,700 active courses to assist employees in their professional and personal development

The Rudra Educational Assistance Program - where applicable, this program pays for or reimburses a portion of fees related to job-related workshops, offsite seminars, courses taken at accredited educational institutions, and other programs targeted to improve your skills and performance.

What are my advancement opportunities, and are these opportunities well-documented or structured?

Rudra is big on internal career advancement. We know that it's a significant factor to you as you consider joining Rudra Team. We give you the tools for advancement - including meaningful work, top-notch training and global opportunities. Another way that we try to make career advancement a bit easier for our employees.

How much travel is involved with the job?

The amount of travel required depends on the position you hold, but there is at least some travel required for almost every position for which we're hiring. For example, you may be required to travel to receive training, and, at some point, you may even have to travel to give training, to assist on a project or to meet with a client. In some cases, this means traveling internationally. Again, a willingness to travel or relocate is helpful for your career advancement.

Do you also hire attorneys, English majors, etc.?

Rudra employs more than 500 people worldwide, and, while many of those people are engineers, scientists or some other highly technical position, many are not. We have a very large Support Services organization that has opportunities for many different types of majors. We have a law department, for instance, and other departments include marketing, public relations, business development, communications and information technology, among many more... All of our current job openings that we are recruiting are listed in the Current Job Openings page of . If you don't see an open position that matches your qualifications at this time, we encourage you to check back often. New positions are posted frequently.

I want more information related to salaries and benefits offered by Rudra.

Rudra offers market-competitive compensation and benefits to its employees that is integrated with our business and HR strategies and aligned with our internal job hierarchy. Rudra's desire for a pay for performance and results culture is reflected in our total compensation programs.

I want more information regarding training and development opportunities at Rudra. Please visit Rudra's Learning and Development page for information about training. Halliburton does provide CDL training for those positions that require it.

I have questions concerning employment verifications.

Please email for any questions related to employment verifications.

How can I contact someone regarding an issue typically addressed by an Employee Relations department (for example, alleged employment unfairness)?

For Employee Relations-related issues, please contact