Our aims & objectives are as follows:-.

■  To render assistance to poor patients by making provisions for medical assistance healthcare and preventive medical services.

■  To render assistance to the physically handicapped.

■  To provide monetary aid and humanitarian services in times of natural calamities.

■  To promote advance moral education, charity and general welfare of the people.

To render assistance to orphaned, indigent and other less privileged children for their subsistence, shelter, education and medical care to establish social welfare institutions engaged in promoting these specific objectives.

To render assistance both directly and through establish social welfare organization that will help rehabilitate women in distress, especially widows without any means of support and those neglected and ill-treated by their husbands or other members of their family and promote their vocational skill and self reliance.

To raise additional funds for augmenting the corpus of the Trust Fund, if necessary through appropriate programs, to support the Trust objects.

To build a Home for the Aged, Community Canteen, Cardio Vascular Hospital, HIV Testing Centers, Vocational Training Centers, Wireless Communication Centre.

Everyone involved with this Charitable Trust seeks to exercise these methods of approach.

We strive to provide individual communities with the tools and capacity to sustain our initiatives long after our work has been completed. When communities no longer seek help that is when we know our work is done.

“If you believe in a cause, you must be willing to put yourself on the line for that cause.”